Primary Scopes

Data Center & Unistrut Grid Systems


Capabilities: In-house BIM, Design Build.
Scopes: Specialty Substructure, Specialty Framing Systems – Architectural.
Specialized Divisions: Carpentry, Crane & Rigging, Drywall, Scaffolding and Medical, Clean Room.

Data Center and Unistrut Grid Systems

  • Install Hot and Cold Aisles Containment System (HACS).
  • Unistrut Grid systems for MEP support and cooling equipment.
  • Unistrut Grid systems for overhead fans, lights and hoods.
  • Unistrut Grid Systems for specialty ceilings.
  • Unistrut framing systems.
  • Installation of Access Floor systems.
  • Installation of Underfloor Unistrut Support/Seismic systems.