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Level It is built on the foundation of good people. We recognize that in order to set ourselves apart and to enjoy what we do each day, we need unique, dynamic, hardworking experts.

Educated. Experienced. Understand what it takes.

This group of professionals are educated and experienced in their respective fields. Many of them have owned previous successful companies within the same industry as well as starting ‘on the floor’. They understand what it takes.

Our industry brings challenge each day. In order to execute professionally and consistently in quality and service, we need to surround ourselves with people that we want to tackle these challenges with.

Meet our team. Meet some of the best.

Meet Todd & Colin

Todd and Colin created a business relationship together in 1992 after years of friendship. They both saw the opportunity they had together to create successful ventures based on solid values, strong work ethic, and diverse work experience.

In 1996, they acquired a small glazing company they felt had a promising future. They knew they could make it successful – they had no idea where that small glazing company would lead them. For over 25 years, Todd and Colin have pushed the boundaries in the glazing industry. With the goals of excellence in their team and products, the’ve nurtured a consistent culture that has drawn talented groups.

 In 2012, Level It was named and a team took shape quickly. The strategy for Todd and Colin has never changed. In 25 years of friendship and as business partners, they treat everyone with respect and honesty. Building a company and culture that is second to none, executing on the highest standards of excellent, they enjoy what they do each day and thrive on the opportunity they see for the Level It group.

Todd Isackson

Colin J. Rimes

Colin J. Rimes - Level It Installations Ltd.

Meet the Team

Educated & experienced in their respective fields.

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Brooke Ridley

Brooke Ridley

Project Manager – Service Division

Brooke has worked for the last 5 years in Retail Facilities Maintenance and joined the Level It Team in 2015.

Matt Lippincott

Matt Lippincott

PM & Estimator

Matt Lippincott began his career in construction as an Apprentice Carpenter in 2005.