Primary Scopes




Union Millwrights – Specialized in aligning and anchoring machinery, attaching loads, controlling the movement of heavy equipment and ensuring the rigging is safe for use.

  • We use air bearing systems to maneuver heavy machinery (tools) through tight spaces and over access flooring
  • Our team is fully certified using wire ropes, turnbuckles, clevis, jacks, hoists, and all related equipment to safely perform heavy moves
  • Our equipment is meticulously maintained, and each piece is chosen for individual projects – we understand there is no one solution for a problem

Areas of Specialty

  • Clean Room/Data Centre
  • Seismic Restraining and Bracing Forklift
  • Crating included as Requested

Specialty Equipment for Cleanroom Moves

  • Electric forklifts (5,000-35,000 lb. capacity)
  • Aluminum gantries
  • Hydraulic-Lift Machinery
  • Dollies
  • Jacks
  • 5/16″ aluminum plates
  • 1/2″ aluminum plates
  • Aluminum wedges for smooth transition on and off the plates
  • Lift platforms for moving machines onto raised floors without a ramp
  • Poly blocking and plates
  • Air bearing 30,000 lb. high-capacity dolly system