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Level It Installations Inc. is a 360° Solutions company.


Specialized Scopes & Capabilities

Capabilities: In-house BIM, Design Build.
Scopes: Specialty Substructure, Specialty Framing Systems – Architectural
and Medical, Clean Room.

Cleanroom Work

  • Fit-up and PSSS for new clean room construction
  • Demolition and new installation of clean room walls, doors, ceilings and temporary barriers.
  • Tool Install and Demolition during an operating clean room
  • Seismic bracing for tool install
  • Installation of bulk head around new tool install
  • Access Floor system installations or modifications

Healthcare (Medical Equipment Supports)

  • Overhead Medical Equipment Supports
    • Radiology/Cath Lab/Fluoro/IR Rooms
    • Exam/Surgical/Procedure Lights
    • Booms
    • CT Injectors
    • MRI Shielding
    • Cleansuite Systems
  • Installation of Patient Lift Systems
  • DIRTT Panel installations
  • Installation of Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Design/Build capabilities

Data Center and Unistrut Grid Systems

  • Install Hot and Cold Aisles Containment System (HACS)
  • Unistrut Grid systems for MEP support and cooling equipment
  • Unistrut Grid systems for overhead fans, lights and hoods.
  • Unistrut Grid Systems for Richter ceiling install
  • Polenz systems and GFRC panels
  • Installation of Access Floor systems
  • Installation of Underfloor Unistrut Support/Seismic systems

Office and TI Work

  • Demolition of tee bar, drywall, doors and partition walls
  • Installation of new tee bar, drywall, doors and partition walls
  • Installation of chair rails, corner guards, marker boards, signage, fire extinguishers and other office equipment


  • Installation and demolition of partition curtains
  • Seismic bracing of equipment and furniture
  • Concrete epoxy painting

Maintenance Work

  • Install fall arrest and handrail systems throughout the campus
  • Replace door hardware, thresholds and other components throughout.
  • Install Unistrut system up and overs on roof’s for piping
  • Sub contract out concrete work, carpeting, VCT flooring and other miscellaneous work.

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