What is it?

What is it?

Level It offers planning, procurement and installation solutions for a diverse network of clients.

This includes

Demolition through to highly sensitive chamber work. While we perform various types of work, our main area of expertise is in strut and strut metal framing systems. Inclusive to the scopes below we offer work plans, design assistance, project management and installation as part of our packages.


  • Complete commercial Space Refurbishment
  • Commercial Retail, Specialized, Front Of House
  • Ceiling Grid systems
  • Glassfront & Door Systems
  • Substructures – Exterior & Interior

Clean room work

  • Fit-up and PSSS for new clean room construction
  • Demolition and new installation of clean room walls, doors, floors, ceilings and temporary barriers
  • Tool Install and Demolition during an operating clean room
  • Seismic bracing for tool install
  • Install bulk head around new tool install


  • Installation and demolition of partition curtains
  • Seismic bracing of equipment and furniture

Maintenance Work

  • Install fall arrest and handrail systems
  • Install Unistrut system up and overs on roof’s for piping

Data Center and Unistrut Grid Systems

  • Install hot and cold aisles for servers (Unistrut grid systems)
  • Grid systems for MEP support and cooling equipment
  • Grid systems for overhead fans, lights and hoods
  • Grid systems for Richter ceiling install
  • Polenz systems and GFRC panels